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I am Gyongyi Bernath = Perla,
your English talking guide

  • I am Gyongyi Bernath, but you can simply call me Perla. Gyongy(i) is a Hungarian name and means pearl. A member of a tourist group once suggested that Perla is much easier to use and from that moment on I was called Perla. I was born in Transylvania, a region which belonged to Hungary for centuries. I am a Romanian citizen now, with an Hungarian nationality.

  • Romania is a very special country, with its magnificent landscape, its beautiful towns and small villages, the World heritage monuments and the hospitality of his kind population has to be experienced. I 'm inviting you to join me in discovering my native country together.
    Owing to my multilingual upbringing, I speak Romanian and Hungarian as well. I have studied the English language and I also learned Dutch while spending three years in Holland. I want to use my abilities to speak as a guide for both my countries Romania and Hungary, and to English and Dutch tourists as well.

  • After having a private study at the Romanian Academy of Tourism, I became a qualified guide and tour operator in 2007. I actually had experience as a tour guide prior to my official qualification, so in this way I could compare my theoretical knowledge with practice.
    When I am invited to attend tourists groups by a travel agency, I was not the one who arranged tours and places. However, I would like to set up a trip myself together with the tourists, so I may be able to manage a tour with more interesting visits than the usual chosen touristic routes. Hereby I think about a fine promenade in beautiful surroundings, a stay or stroll in a crowd town or a charming old village. As a result of the trips I already made a lot of contacts in different places and that list is still growing. For example, I can arrange a visit to a farm, or an institution or craftsmen house, if the tourists are interested in visiting those places.

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